Lee Industries

Company Website - www.leeindustries.com

We are innovators, custom creators and impeccable craftsmen. We inspire an industry and continually follow through with comfortable furniture in fabrics and leathers that make a big impact on style and a small impact on the environment. And we've been doing that since the day we started.

Our history is long and storied. Here's a quick synopsis: In 1969, Bill and Dottie Coley set out to manufacture quality American-made furniture that they would use in their home. So they opened a 7500 square foot factory, hired 10 people and accomplished exactly what they set out to do -- and so very much more.

LEE Industries was born. In 1972, Chic Robinson joined the team as executive vice president in charge of the financial, production and administrative functions and helped propel them to a new level. It has been the LEE mission to create innovatively styled, high quality home furnishings while adhering to a set of values that focus on our customer, our community. and the environment. In doing this, we have committed ourselves to manufacture earth-friendly products, using sustainable processes by people who care about the environment.