Lyndon Furniture

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Lyndon Woodworking is a business that values Vermont qualities and reflects those qualities in the design and craftsmanship of it's products. We think Vermont crafting says a lot about our products. We build Vermont standards and values into each piece of furniture we make.

Here in the "Northeast Kingdom", we incorporate the use of modern machinery and procedures in our manufacturing processes. But not at the expense of personal attention to detail or craftsmanship. Lyndon furniture pieces are not products of an assembly line, results of a process where there's little responsibility or interest in the final product. We believe that quality counts.

Unlike butcher block construction, we hand pick solid woods for our products. Only lumber free of unnatural blemishes and stains meets our quality standards. We craft our products from solid Cherry, Maple, Oak and Walnut. We match wood grains and individually create patterns unique to each table.

To protect each item's unique personality, we use a durable, water resistant finish. This sealer combines the strengths of lacquer with the best of polyurethane. Spills and abuses of normal living are no longer a problem. Yet, the natural beauty of the wood grain is not lost. Instead, under the protection of this tough finish, your Lyndon furniture item becomes more beautiful with time. Like the beauty of an antique, each piece darkens slightly with age, becoming more rich and appealing with the passage of time.