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Motivated by the Bauhaus concept of artists and craftsmen working together to have an impact on contemporary design, Hessel Studios strives for extraordinary quality in design combined with solid functionality. Co-founder and designer Gregg Hessel sees the Studio as the source of the creative process. The artwork is the by-product of this source.

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About Hessel Studios

Hessel's vision of the Studio is a compilation of his early daydreams of finding a way to use the technology he was fascinated by; his interest in tools from his mother's vast collections; and the importance of on-going training of young talent from his craftsman/teacher father. His background as a painter, sculptor and jeweler have given him a unique perspective: the appreciation of antiquity and its function in a historical context, not for design purposes, but as a part of his technique. Inventing processes and making the hardware to create their pieces, along with manufacturing all of their own tooling allows the Studio to make every part that can feasibly be made for all of their work.

Comprised of Hessel, partner & co-founder, Lisa Thurmond, and their three apprentices, the Hessel Studio approaches metal from a jewelry standpoint rather than that of a blacksmith, giving their work a delicate feeling. Hessel enjoys the malleable aspect of metal: its rigidity and structural properties as well as its fluidity, and he finds the compelling combination of fire and light (birth), with copper (warmth), and a lit taper (magic) to be irresistible.